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PASSES booking from 1 to 7 days


Parking Calle Sevilla 5

Calle Sevilla, 5. 14003 Córdoba.

Contact: +34 957 49 18 75​ / +34 671 68 77 82

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Parking Calle Sevilla number 5 is a Guarded Public Parking always open, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (including holidays and bank holidays). We have more than 200 parking spaces in a unique location in the heart of downtown Córdoba, next to the Hotel Córdoba Centro (on the same property), and located very closed to the Mosque Cathedral, just 5 minutes walk.​ We also offer constant surveillance and security with staff and closed circuit cameras, we have the latest technology for better stay. In addition, you can enjoy different promotions, as well as book your parking space.

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Rate / Prices




(VAT included)


(VAT included)

From 1 to 60 minutes (1 hour)     0,04 euros / minute            2,40 euros

From 61 to 181 min. (2 hrs.)          0,03 euros / minute            3,60 euros

From 182 al 782 min. (10 hrs.)  

0,02 euros / minute            12 euros

From 783 to 1440 minutes                                             


24 hours                                         -                                            

18 euros




Minimun 10 euros / 400 minutes.


With the Wallet Card you gain speed and convenience, save time and money .


- Unlimited recharge, multiple of 10 euros.

- Valid for 1 month. Only for long stays.

- The Wallet Card discounts minutes, the entry and exit from the Parking is free.

- Applicable Flat Rate of 0.025 euro cents per minute.

- For example, get 1200 minutes or 20 hours of parking for 30 euros.



24 hours, 18 euros.

48 hours, 36 euros.


- These Parking Passes, without reservation, don't allow you to move the car, or freely enter and exit the Parking.

- These Parking Passes don't discount minutes, unlike the Wallet Card.


No Booking

3 days, 54 euros.

4 days, 66 euros.

5 days, 80 euros.

6 days, 96 euros.

7 days, 112 euros.


- The Parking Passes are for consecutive days.

- The Parking Passes from 3 to 7 days, without reservation, allow you to freely enter and exit the Parking with your car during the validity period of them. This option is not valid for Parking Passes of 1 or 2 days.

- Subject to availability.


1 day, 20 euros.

2 days, 40 euros.

3 days, 60 euros.

4 days, 74 euros.

5 days, 90 euros.

6 days, 108 euros.

7 days, 126 euros.


Important notice about Parking Passes Booking:

- You can book the parking space you need and make the payment.

- Only one option per reservation.

- With the Parking Passes from 1 to 7 days with reservation, you can freely enter and exit the Parking with your car or vehicle.

- The period of the Parking Passes are by time, for example, if you arrive on Monday and leave on Thursday, it counts as 3 days not as 4 days. If you arrive on Friday and leave on Sunday, it counts as 2 days.

- Subject to availability.


Flexibility for your specific need.


- Unlimited recharge multiple of 10 euros.

- Valid for 1 month.

- Discount minutes, free entry and free exit.

- First Hour: €0.03 minute, 25% discount on the Base Rate. Second and Third Hour: €0.025 minute, 17% discount. From the Fourth Hour: €0.02 minute.

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Parking Sevilla 5 Card


This card is provided to customers who are regular users of the Wallet Card, replacing the paper card with this magnetic, proximity, more convenient card, reducing the waiting time at the entrance and exit of the car park, as well as the recharge of parking minutes.

It also works as a Loyalty Card offering 4% of Parking points for each recharge you make. Each Parking point is equivalent to the same amount in euros, so when the value of the minimum recharge is reached, a new recharge is given away for the same amount.

Charge Station


We have an Charge Station for charging electric cars. Power Dot technology offers a semi-fast charge of 22 Kw compatible with all types of vehicles. Through the Charge Assist application you can manage the process and payment of the charge, you can also download the app by scanning this QR code.

Codigo QR.jpg

WhatsApp group


You can join our WhatsApp Group to have more direct communication with us, also we with you. Join us on the phone 687 83 21 29.

Important notice about Tourist Apartments, Residences or Hotels.

Parking Sevilla 5 does not have an agreement, contract or commitment with any tourist or vacational apartment, or hotel (except the Hotel Córdoba Centro) for booking parking spaces.

Parking Sevilla 5 reserves the right to report any fraud.



Calle Sevilla 5. 14003 Córdoba.


+34 957 49 18 75


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